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Rhythm Cycles
Rhythm Cycles By Sue B. Russell

Wheels spinning round around
Feet hard pumping above the ground

Swishing, Honking, Buzzing, Ringing
Sweating schedules, Calendars clinging

Find a time, Make a list
No chance for a furtive tryst

Uphill climbing, Downhill glide
On a journey or roller coaster ride

Fleeting moments, Passing sights
Ricochets, Reflecting lights

Constantly seeking, Hoping to find
Sometimes ahead, Mostly behind

Cycling through each bend and curve
Anticipating a sudden swerve

The Rhythm of life is not unlike
The flying tailwind of a bike

Rhythm Cycles, a series of vibrant paintings by international artist, Sue Russell, boldly present the cadences of daily life.

Using the bicycle as a catalyst for her creative impulses, Russell grabs spokes, circles and ellipses to take rides with shape, space, paint and expression.

Whether racing ahead, spinning inward or pausing to reflect, these paintings invite contemplation.


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